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Hi! So you are looking for a UX Writer or Content Strategist?

I’m a certified Spanish translator from Barcelona based in Berlin. After 10 years of full-time, full-solo freelancing, in 2020 I started looking for a more team-oriented skill to add to my services... and UX Writing came to me.

Several weeks of formal training in UX Writing and many many Medium articles later, I believe I did the right choice: UX writing allows me to unfold my analytical thinking and apply my language experience. And that while making users’ lives easier (that’s my inner Girl Scout speaking).

So here I am, knocking on UX doors. Will it be your door?


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Content Design

Perfect timing is: to call a client offering to “practice” on their website and hear they just started planning a total web redesign.

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Onboarding Flow

The Catalan Gov. launched a corona self-diagnose app to decrease tel. consultations. 
My approach tries to reduce the user’s psychological burden.

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form

Filling in medical forms can feel annoying and endless. In this fictional app, the sign-in form aims to be easy and pleasant.

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Confirmation dialogue

The music app Shazam© has a rare functionality: users can log out but leave their library visible.
 I reviewed the log-out flow and tried to simplify the concept.

404 screenshot
404 page

A service-oriented NGO with a dead-end 404? Not after applying some UX Writing.

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My portfolio

Do UX Writers need a portfolio? Maybe. Should mine be included in my Translation Services website? Maybe. How UX Writing strategies defined my web.


UX Writing

2020 UX Writing I SHIFTA by ELISAVA

2020 UI Design crash course with Figma I Ironhack Berlin

2020 Google Analytics for Beginners I Google Analytics Academy

2020 Webinars and informal training (details coming soon)

Adjacent fields

2017 Translation Internship I European Commission

2015 MA Medical and Healthcare Translation I Universitat Jaume I

2004 Sworn Translator I Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2002 BA Translation and Interpreting I Universitat Pompeu Fabra


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Freelance Translator
Since 2010

Specialised in healthcare and sustainability. German/English/Spanish/Catalan. More details here.

404 screenshot
Streaming platform Cofounder

Including content strategy and technical direction. End of project due to lack of funding.

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Webmaster and IT Teacher

One year full-time voluntary service. Work included development of web projects and workshops organisation.


Barcelona I Berlin

+49 (0) 176 251 403 95

info (a) vrtranslations (dot) com