Son Espases

The following is a selection of my ongoing customers and published translations.
For clients marked with *, I am the main provider of translations in the stated language combination.
Bellow you will find links to some of the mentioned projects with more detailed information.


■ Since 2016: Bios Labordiagnostik*, Munich (translation of website and technical documentation, DE>ES)
■ Since 2013: Agency T&S, Barcelona (translation and editing of medical texts, EN>ES and DE>ES)
■ Since 2017: Agency Kosmos Translations, Reggio Emilia (translation and editing of medical texts, EN>ES and DE>ES)
■ Since 2010: Dr. Morales et al.*, Malignant Peritoneal Disease Research Group, Health Research Institute of the Balearic Islands (IdISBa), Palma de Mallorca (translation of articles, ES>EN)
■ 2009*: Translator and interpreter for a Spanish patient during a 6 months hospital treatment at the Oncological and Stem Cells Transplantation Units of the Charité Hospital, Berlin (DE<>ES)


■ 2017: Translation internship at the European Commission's Directorate-General of Translation, Brussels (EN>ES and DE>ES).
■ Since 2015: Int. Tourism Office of Spain in Berlin* (translation of internal documentation, DE>ES)
■ Since 2010: Planned Parenthood Federation Spain*, Madrid (translation of reports and brochures, EN<>ES)
■ Since 2009: José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation*, Munich and Barcelona (translation of internal documentation and reports, DE>ES)


■ Since 2013: Agency TyS, Barcelona (sworn translations, EN>ES)
■ Since 2012: Agency Traduset, Hamburg (sworn translations, EN<>ES)
■ Since 2003: sworn translation for private customers in Spain and Germany(EN<>ES)


■ 2017: Association of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage (AADIPA), Iberia Roma Al-Ándalus (linguistic consultancy and translation of the book closing a year of conferences on archaeological restoration, CA>ES)
■ 2015: Vitra Design Museum and Guggenheim Bilbao, Making Africa (team translation of the exhibition’s catalogue for the agency Tolingo, 344 pages, DE>ES)
■ 2011: Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Department for Architectural Projects: How to recognise and read mat-building (translation of the text of 1974 by Alison Smithson for a special publication about the subject, EN>ES
■ 2003-2006: Ojodepez, documentary photography magazine (translations project manager and translating of articles during the first season 2002-2007, EN>ES)


■ 2014 & 2017: Fruit logistica, Berlin (interpreter at the international agriculture trade fair for Tres Haciendas, Murcia, DE<>ES and EN<>ES)
■ 2012 & 2014: InnoTrans, Berlin (interpreter at the international transportation trade fair for SEIB - Servicios Electrónicos Industriales Berbel S.L., Madrid, DE<>ES and EN<>ES)
■ 2011: Berlin mit Berlin, Tomo Usuda (interpreting at the preparatory interviews for an exposition in the UK about the fall of the Berlin Wall, DE<>EN)
■ Since 2010: News agency 8yMedia (interpreting at interviews and special events, DE<>ES and EN<>ES)


■ 2016: Int. Tourism Office of Spain in Berlin (subtitling of the DVD of the discussion sessions organised during the week “Andalucia Reloaded”, DE>ES)
■ 2016: Agency T&S, Barcelona (subtitling of a lecture by the economist Jeremy Rifkin during a discussion session of Aigües de Barcelona, EN>ES)
■ 2016: lüthje Schneider hörl Film GbR, Munich (subtitling of the documentary Violently Happy, coproduced by German public television, DE/EN>ES)
■ Since 2015: Die eigene Gesellschaft, Berlin (subtitling of fiction movies and documentaries, DE>ES and EN>ES)