The price of a translation service is calculated according mainly to the language pair, the complexity of the text and the size of the project, taking also into account the format of the document and the delivery deadline. For this reason it is difficult to define general prices.

Please contact me to receive a non-binding price estimate at no cost. You can send me a whole copy of the text or detailed information per email to: Needless to say, all documents will be treated with total confidentiality.

Below you can see some approximate fees:

Standard translation in standard format (price per word): 0.07€ – 0.12€
Minimum order: 25€
Certified translation (price per word): 0.10€ – 0.15€
Minimum orde: 30€
Interpreting (price per hour, daily prices available): 30€ – 80€
Delivery by normal post: free
Recorded delivery : 3€
Recorded urgent delivery: 6€
DHL or similar: 50€

(VAT not included)