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• English
• German
• Spanish
• Catalan

• Medical translation
• Certified translation
• Translation in social and cultural areas

• Liaison interpreting (bureaucracy, interviews, trade fairs)


Please keep in mind that in order to guarantee the quality of a translation it is preferable to translate into ones native language. Working after this principle will provide you with a translation comparable to the original text in all its nuances of content and form. If you require another language pair, I will be glad to put you in touch with my network partners.

Likewise do not hesitate to contact me if your text corresponds to a different field of expertise than those listed above: there is always a first time. Thanks to my experience and the appropriate tools, I can rapidly become acquainted with a new subject.

Extra DTP and Web Design Service
Does your text have a special format or need some designing? I am familiar with graphic and web design software and can handle texts in several formats or help you create multilingual documentation directly from programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress, Dreamweaver or Flash.

Medicine & Science

medical reports and hospital interpreting / research articles / presentations and handouts / marketing…

Medical subtitling

Subtitling of medical tutorials, equipment instructions, awareness campaigns, marketing videos…

Medical interpreting

Interpreting for hospital and doctor visits, preparation interviews for interventions and clinical trials…

Official & Corporative

study and work certificates / contracts / private documents / corporative documentation and reports…

Culture & Social

art / architecture / cinema / journalism / development aid / environment / social welfare…

International organisations

Translation of annual reports, internal documentation, accountabilty documents, website, press releases…


Subtitling of medical tutorials, documentaries, fiction films, lectures, interviews, company presentations…

Sworn translation

Official (sworn) translation of work and education certificates, private documents, medical documents, contracts…

Trade fair interpreting

Liaison interpreting at hour or daily basis for trade fairs in the fields of medicine, technology, agriculture, culture, tourism…

Basic graphic design

Direct translation and editing of formatted leaflets, websites, documents…